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Goth Girl by HoekKadoogen

I found this piece of work to be very thoughtful and very original, even if it does dabble a bit in the anime spectrum. Personally, I b...





Custom Dragon by magusVroth
Custom Dragon
I know I don't particularly post sketches anymore, but it's been a while since I posted anything and I was actually pretty happy with how this one turned out. Had a pretty strong steampunk vibe when I was building him, mostly with the artificial jaws and the blimps on the back :XD:

Doubt that I'm gonna use this for anything in the future, but you never know, right?
Any Kind: Main Families by magusVroth
Any Kind: Main Families
After ages of artless days, I finally felt the need to get back into the groove for Any Kind, and figured there’d be no better way to share the love than by introducing the families of each of the main characters. (I meant to post this months ago, but the York family took so much time to flesh out that it ended up holding me out) I’ll probably work on developing the families of the other characters, but that’s bound to come much later. And color. Definitely gotta add color later, too….

The Townsends are a very tightly knit family, with a fair deal of publicity surrounding them since their father is a local newscaster. They are often sporadic and hardly in the house at the same time throughout the day, but still enjoy those moments at the end of the day when they can all sit down and be together. From left to right, the family members are Abby (16), Cody (11), Douglas (42), and Abby’s cousin Wyatt Colvin (17)

Clear Weston (17) and her mother Elsa (37) live very modestly together. While Clear’s primary focus is on her studies in order to enter a proper law school, Elsa works to manage their living conditions as a human resource conditioner.

The Greens are a very eccentric bunch with a heavy sporting history in their family. With the patriarch of the family working as a little league coach, and the eldest daughter taking on a sports management internship straight out of college, their main focus is on the growing athletic talent of their son Zack, if his personal affairs don’t get mixed in too heavily. From left to right, the family members are Murphy (45), Nadine (22), Zack (16), and Carren (43)

The Pandolfis are a more self-kept family, who are more focused on artistic pursuits than town participation, but are still fairly sociable with their neighbors. While Jake is the most reserved of them, his mom and dad do all that they can to respect him and help him get ahead in life. From left to right, the family members are Louis (43), Jake (16), and Demetra (44).

The Yorks are your typical lower-class family, where each member of the family over 13 has to do work just so they can all have enough to eat. They live a very humble, but happy life, and while the parents wish for their children to get out of this crummy lifestyle and do great things, the kids feel obligated to stick around to support their parents for all that they did for them when they raised each of them. From left to right, the family members are Gary (22), Oscar (56), Frankie (10), Dennis (15), Marlene (53), Shannon (4), Neil (7), and Robyn (25).

All Characters belong to me, and are a part of my upcoming teen romance comic Any Kind.
Psalm of Pendansia: King Dolselon's Fall by magusVroth
Psalm of Pendansia: King Dolselon's Fall
For a personal exercise, I decided to go back and redo one of my pieces from about six years ago, for a fantasy project which, until recently, went unnamed.

In this scene, Dycilia, princess of the Ornic Elves, bears to witness the demise of her brother King Dolselon. Among her company is her Dwarvish caretaker Gulner, the all-gazing Tulqa monk Menzus, and the gentleman thief Larcon. Amongst the bloodshed and slaughter of her clan, the most distinct figure she sees is the murderer of her brother, the wandering barbarian Ilsh.

Through such tragedy, the task of this party becomes far more grave, for the passing of the Ornic King marks the Queen-hood of Dycilia by her birthright, and by default her right to bear audience to the Court of the Alceran Dominions to unveil the motivation behind the siege of her kingdom, as well as the orchestrator of this merciless act.

All characters belong to me
Hey, y'all. Just a quick head's up for those of you who would keep tabs on this kind of stuff. This week's looking pretty heavy for me schoolwise, and I'm gonna be on vacation for the next couple of days starting this Saturday. So if you don't see any new deviations from me for a while, that'll likely be why. If I do end up posting anything, it'll probably just be because I had a little time to spare. Just please don't be too surprised if you see a lack of activity on my end for now.


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