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Goth Girl by HoekKadoogen

I found this piece of work to be very thoughtful and very original, even if it does dabble a bit in the anime spectrum. Personally, I b...




American Dream by magusVroth
American Dream
This piece is based off of a dream that I kept having, especially based off of songs like "Radioactive" and "Bodysnatchers". It's mostly a reflective piece, like a medley of our national accomplishments and how they fuse into something astounding and yet terrifying at the same time.

For this piece, I wanted to do a little experiment with color blending and texture filters, so as to give it more of a neon grunge effect. Overall, I'm liking how it managed to accentuate the color scheme.

My art; please don't steal
Psalm of Pendansia: Major Races by magusVroth
Psalm of Pendansia: Major Races
Hey, guys. For the opening piece of the year, I decided to expand a bit upon my working fantasy project and define the major races of my universe.
Each of them are reminiscent of a different fantasy race, with different details added to give them my own personal touch.

The two largest races are the Fjomans and the Tarans, who maintain the strongest monarchies within the known world, and possess a great sense of nobility. The Fjomans are slightly more humble, but the Tarans are very resourceful.

The Mondans, who lost their hierarchy years ago in the great Civil War, serve mainly as a subservient race for nobles of the Fjoman and Taran castes. They are very courteous, but usually prefer the company of Fjomans since they are more generous to them than Tarans.

The Paludjr are a very nonchalant, tribal people, and typically keep to their own, but are often very willing to cooperate with other races who respect their customs. The Sporqs are a very crafty race and maintain a great perspective of ingenuity; typically they keep to their own, but find a great source of trade and commission in the Tarans.

The Anbelans are more of a nomadic race, traveling across to lands rich in culture, but typically choose to avoid contact with other peoples. The Grjlq are more intimidated by other races and usually choose to keep to their own, but make fine tradesmen.

Finally, the Legni are very distant from other races, keeping to their own as guardians of the forest. The Rjnoq, likewise, keep to their own as protectors of the mountains, but have a slightly higher awareness of the affairs of other races. Typically these two races keep to their own and are unwelcoming to outsiders, but if they do not sense any ill will from them, they will spare time to hear them out.

Not all of these races are going to be featured as major characters, but I feel it's important to recognize some of the key perspectives of each of the races when even minor characters come into play later on in the story.

Characters and story belong to me
Mediterranean Ambiance (For Madame-Kikue) by magusVroth
Mediterranean Ambiance (For Madame-Kikue)
I recently finished an art trade for my friend :iconmadame-kikue: of her OCs Ulric and Ophelia.

I felt that it would be nice to captivate these two mystical youths in an enchanting scene together, and what could be more captivating that a Mediterranean seascape? I can certainly say that I had fun experimenting with the textures, but had some trouble capturing the shadows, since I couldn't really determine what type of angle to work from in the twilight. I do hope you still enjoy, though :)

characters belong to :iconmadame-kikue:
art by me
Any Kind: Foursome Epilogue by magusVroth
Any Kind: Foursome Epilogue
Got around to finishing up some artwork for Any Kind, particularly when thinking about how the characters would look by the ending of the story. I also figured it'd be a good idea to throw out my idea to you guys regarding Abby's love dilemma (the dark skinned woman).

Rather than having her choose between the three girls she loves (Ingrid, Penelope, and Caroline, left to right), I thought it'd be more interesting if she actually ended up with all three by the climax of the story with all of them staying together as a polyamorous couple. They end up in the same household and raise a couple of kids (which I'll draw eventually) while pursuing their own career paths, with Abby as a news journalist, Ingrid as a barkeeper, Penelope as a homemaker, and Caroline as a talent agent.

If this seems a bit farfetched to you guys, or like a cop-out, please let me know. Otherwise, it's what I'm thinking I'll go through with.

All characters by me. 
Greg and the Beast by magusVroth
Greg and the Beast

"Don't be sad, Gregory. It was your brother's own short-sightedness for caring so little about your well being. He put the two of you out in danger like this, and this is the payment for his mistake." 

"But he didn't do anything wrong! I was supposed to be the leader! I-I don't want him to die! We've gotta go home!"

"...Well, it may not be too late, my child, If you really want to help him. All we have to do is make a little deal..."

Been wanting to make some fan art for this show for a while, and started to wonder what would happen if Greg was too late to help Wirt while he was dreaming. And now I just feel terrible for making this kid so sad

Seriously, though. Love this show :)
Hey, y’all. I know it’s been a while since I posted a significant journal entry, so I figured I’d start things off with another concept I’m currently working on, this time for a fantasy story (working title Psalm of Pendansia). While I have a very strong idea on where I want to take the narrative, lately I have been questioning the era in which I want to set the story. Currently, I’m tied between two options, and I’d really appreciate any input you guys have to give me.

Here’s a few facts on the story to help with my decision:

This is a story that’s going to heavily involve humans being rallied into seeing elvenkind as a blight upon the world, as well as many other races in the world. They are organized into demolishing the great elven kingdoms and all other races are free to either join them or be taken down with the elves.

The major powers within this fantasy story are the humans and the elves, with dwarves playing the part of a more subservient race after nearly being wiped out in the Great Inner War that brought centuries of peace between the races. Orcs are a very simple-living, burly race but not evil in the least for this story, while goblins are a more crafty race who work primarily in harnessing mana as a renewable energy source or being commissioned for designing mechanics for the kingdoms.

With a these themes in mind, I’m left to question exactly how I want to set the story:

1. Either have it set during the common trope of the Middle ages, with each of the major races of the world having a vast series of kingdoms, while other races are pretty much subgroups living in the outskirts in subservience or in independent territories. Obviously, themes such as hierarchy and honor will be prevalent, but there’s no prophecy or destiny for any of these characters, just a means of survival.


2. Have it set during the early 20th century, with a hint of fascism on the part of the humans of the story. It’d be way too blunt if I made it shaped like Nazi Germany, so I was almost thinking of something more in the shape of America in the early 1900’s (maybe even the 20’s), when the nation was beginning to become a world power but intolerance was still heavily prevalent within and outside of society.

If you guys do have input on this, I’d greatly appreciate it. Thanks again ;)


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